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Sticky Notes now has Logged Notes and more

1. What's new?

  • Logged notes: Streamlined logging with added control

    - Timestamped entries with attributed authors for meticulous and structured logging

    - Distinct fields for different teams, uniquely tailored using flexible colour styling features

    Logged notes shot.png

    - A flexible rich text editor (RTE) that caters to your customization needs

    - Admins can decide whether time and author details are displayed for agents, ensuring personalized visibility

    - Admins can discreetly hide history and ticket ID from agents, preserving exclusive access for administrators

  • Smart notices: Customizable alerts

    - Support for placeholders and Liquid markup, enabling dynamic manipulation of organization, user, and ticket field values in various conditions

    Notices screenshot.png

    - Centralize multiple read-only notice objects and organize related notifications seamlessly in a flexible container

  • Cloning tool: Flexible workflow

    - Easily duplicate and move objects across locations

    - Efficiently manage elements to control your setup

2. Enhancements

  • Action buttons: Advanced capabilities

    - Create buttons to apply Zendesk macros or open URLs in new tabs

    - Improved organizational efficiency for managing related buttons in one location

3. Coming soon

The new cloning tool will soon allow you to duplicate objects within the same location, giving you the power to configure fields for different scenarios.

4. Feedback

Your insights are crucial in making Sticky Notes even better. Share your thoughts and reach out to our support team at or use the web form at Support: Lovestock & Leaf 


More details can be found in the Sticky Notes User Guide.

Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements!

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