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1 Overview

Bubbly brings agent-to-agent chat to Zendesk. Your agents can quickly ask for help on tickets, or can make announcements. This introduces a new type of crowd-sourcing support.

2 Using the Bubbly app

Bubbly can be found in the top bar of Zendesk. Before you open the app for the first time you will not be connected to the other agents. Once you have opened up the app, then you will be connected to the other agents. The screenshots below show the unconnected state and the connected state.


When you open up the app it will try to load any previous chat messages. If there are no chat messages to load, then it will look like the screen below.

You can then start typing a message to send out to other agents. Simply click in the area where it says "Type a message" and type away. Pressing ENTER will send the message. If you hold down SHIFT and press ENTER it will start a new line in your message. If you enter a URL which is a link to an image, then Bubbly will display that image right in the chat. Other items which Bubbly understands are:

  • #1234 - This will be converted into a link to a ticket. You can then click on the link and you will be taken right to the ticket
  • - This will be converted into a link which will be opened in a new tab or window.
  • - This will be converted into a link in your current Zendesk. In this case taking you to our Lovely Views app (if you have it installed).
  • @all - If you use this text in your message then it also displays a pop-up notification to the agents if they have the app closed.
  • @joe - If you have an agent with the first name "fred" then they will have a pop-up notification if they have the app closed. Additionally the message when viewed by fred will be highlighted.
    • Note: If you have more than one agent with the first name of fred, both agents will see the message as highlighted. Also note that at the moment, you can mention agents using either their first name or last name (but not both). We currently have plans to improve this feature to allow more flexibility.
  • bob - This works in the same way as the @joe example above.

There are three modes that Bubbly can be used in:

  • Normal
  • Long
  • Large

To change the mode you click on the icon at the top right of the app. The mode cycle in the order shown above, and the icon represents the next size of the chat window. The icons shown below in order are:

  • Grow down
  • Grow wide
  • Shrink

If you have been mentioned in messages and you have the app closed, then you will see a bubble with the number of messages which you were mentioned in.

3 Configuring the Bubbly app

You can set the configuration options for app through the application settings. You can access this by clicking on "Admin" (the cog icon).

Next, click on the "Manage" item in the "Apps" section of Zendesk admin.

Once you are in this section you click on the cog icon for the app and click on "Change Settings" to edit the settings.

This will take you to the following screen.

This screen has the following options:

  • Title: This is the name of the app as it appears in the apps list.
  • Show agent mention notifications If this is ticked, then a pop up notification is shown whenever an agent is mentioned.
  • Show '@all' notifications If this is ticked, then any time a message has "@all" in it it will display a notification to all agents.
  • Enable role restrictions?: Allows you to choose which agent roles that the app will be available for. If this is not ticked then all agents will be able to use the app.
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