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Lovely Views comparison with standard views

Below you'll find some of the main differences between Lovely Views and Zendesk's standard views interface. Lovely Views has all the features of standard views, plus lots more.


  Standard Views Lovely Views
Maximum number of views visible at once 30 shared views Unlimited
Organize views into folders and sub-folders No Yes
Advanced search and view toolkit (via Quickie app) No Yes
Bulk edit tickets Yes Yes
Simple merge tickets Yes Yes
Advanced merge tickets No  Yes
Maximum number of tickets per page 15 or 30  200
Sort tickets in a view using up to 3 columns No Yes
Customize how personal and ungrouped views are displayed No Yes
Enhanced ticket previews, that include all comments and additional information, and also allow actions on tickets No Yes
Unread / read tickets indication and filtering No Yes
Bookmarking tickets No Yes
Text wrapping option in view so text isn't truncated No Yes
Various Dark Modes No Yes
Favorite views No Yes
My ticket tabs view No Yes
Current ticket activity view for admins and team leaders No Yes
Home view feature to start on and easily return to your most used view No Yes
Top bar view list for quick access to the views at any time No Yes
Search views without having to go into the Admin Centre No Yes
Backup and restore No Yes


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