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App installation and updating

1 Installation

This guide explains the installation process for an app purchased or subscription purchase through our website. Once you have purchased the app or purchased a subscription to the app, you will be sent two emails. One will be with the receipt for your purchase or subscription, and the other will contain the details you need to install the app.

1.1 License Key

Please click the button labeled  “Install your app” in the email you received (containing your license key - see below)  or go directly to our installation page.

This will take you to the app install page.

If you don't have a license key for your app, please contact our support here.


1.2 Zendesk Credentials

On the install page you will be prompted to enter in the first part of your zendesk domain along with your username and password or Zendesk token.

  • Domain - The name of your zendesk instance
  • Username - Your username you use to login to zendesk. This user will permission to install apps. Administrators and agents have access to install apps.
  • Auth - The type of authentication you prefer to use, either API token or Password.
  • Token/Password - The token or password.

1.3 App Install Progress

Once you have filled in all fields and clicked install the installation process will begin (as seen in figure 3).

This window can be closed as the installation process will continue in the background. A typical installation may take up to 5 minutes to complete.

1.4 App Install Completion

Once the installation process has completed you will receive an installation confirmation email and if you have stayed on the installation page you will see a confirmation of the install (figure 4)

Note: The newly installed app will be de-activated. To begin using the App you need to manually activate it.

2 Enabling Your App

2.1 Changing App Settings

Click the Gear icon in the bottom left corner of the agent interface page to access the settings page.

In the settings column click the manage section under the APPS category.

From the list of apps that show up click the gear to modify the app’s settings.

Finally, click the ‘Enabled’ option to enable your newly installed app.

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