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1 Overview

Quickie, an integral feature of the Lovely Views app, can also be installed as a standalone application. It brings to the forefront Lovely Views' most popular feature: organizing views into folders. Quickie is a convenient top bar menu app that provides constant access to all views from anywhere within Zendesk, significantly enhancing agent efficiency.

In addition to its primary function, Quickie offers a bookmarking feature. This allows agents to mark tickets for swift and easy access at any time. This function can alternatively be referred to as 'following' or 'favouriting'.

Key Features of Quickie include:

  • Organizing views into a folder hierarchy for better management.
  • Bookmarking tickets of interest for quick retrieval.
  • Providing fast and uninterrupted access to all views and bookmarks within Zendesk Support.
  • A keyword search feature to locate views and bookmarks swiftly.
  • The option to combine personal views with shared views for comprehensive access.
  • Customization to place personal view folders at the top or bottom of the list.
  • Seamless integration with our Lovely Views app.

Quickie's search functionality is both instant and robust, making the task of finding a specific view among potentially hundreds both quick and effortless.

To install a trial of the app, please visit:


2 Using Quickie

The Quickie app is conveniently located in the top bar of Zendesk, via the icon highlighted in the screenshot below:


When you click on the Quickie icon it drops down a list of the views you have configured in your Zendesk. Note that you will only be able to see the views that the logged in agent has access to.

Quickie respects the permissions that you have set up for the views. Views with group restrictions will only be visible to agents in those groups. Admin users will see all views, including views with group restrictions, as well as the special 'Suspended' and 'Deleted' views. 'Personal' views are only available to the agent that created them. Admin users don't have access to personal views for other users.


Next to each of the view names is the number of tickets that are contained in the view. If a view has no tickets, then it is greyed out.


2.1 Folders

Folders have a triangle icon next to the name of the folder. If the triangle is pointing down, then that folder has been expanded. If the triangle is pointing to the right, then that folder is collapsed and can be expanded. If you click on the folder name or the triangle it will toggle between the expanded and collapsed state.

The views are grouped into hierarchical folders based on how the views are named. The configuration of views is discussed in section 3.1 below.

In addition, there are two special folders:

  • Personal - your personal views are put into this folder
  • Misc - any views which do not have a hierarchy are put into this folder.


2.2 Controls


Besides the search box, there are typically five icons. From left to right those are Bookmark, Refresh, Expand all, Collapse all and Pin app. If you forget what a button does, hove your mouse over it to display a tooltip.

This button is only enabled while viewing a ticket. Clicking it will add the ticket to your bookmarks folder.

Clicking this button will refresh the list of views and collect ticket counts for any view that's visible. While Quickie it doing this, the icon will rotate so you can tell it's working.

Expand all
This button expands all folders, so their contents are visible. This includes the bookmarks folder, if that option is enabled.

Collapse all
This button does the opposite of the Expand all button. When you click it, all folders are collapsed.

Pin app
When enabled (dark background), this button will pins the app. That means when you click on a view or bookmark, the app will remain open instead of closing like normal.


2.3 Filtering Views

There is also a search box at the top of the views which allows you to filter and search for views or folders with the search terms you type. If you have a lot of views, then this can help you quickly find the one you want to see.


While searching, you can use the tab key on your keyboard to navigate the results. Pressing enter while an item is selected will open it. 

To quickly clear a search, press the Escape key while the focus is in the search box. When the search is clear, either by using the Escape key or backspace, Quickie will revert folders to the state they were in before searching. For example, if you had all folders collapsed except the personal folder, once the search is clear, the personal folder will again be the only folder expanded.


2.4 Opening a View

When you click on the particular view name, it will take you to the regular Zendesk view unless you've configured Quickie to open views in Lovely Views instead. The app will close when you click on a view unless you've pinned it, using the pin button on the toolbar.


2.5 Bookmarking tickets


If you've bookmarked tickets using the button on the toolbar, those tickets will appear in a special folder named Bookmarks, above the views. This folder can be expanded and collapsed like other folders. To open a bookmark, simply click on it or use the Tab key to select it and press Enter.

To delete a bookmark, click on the trash can icon to the right of its subject. Before the bookmark is deleted, you'll be asked to confirm the action. If you change your mind, click the cancel button.


3 Configuring Quickie

You can set the configuration options for the app through the application settings. You can access this by clicking on "Admin" (the cog icon).

Next, click on the "Manage" item in the "Apps" section of Zendesk admin.


Once you are in this section, click on the app icon or the app dropdown menu to access the Quickie settings.


This will take you to the following screen:


This screen has the following options:

  • Open views in Lovely Views: When checked, Quickie will open views in the Lovely Views app, if Lovely Views is installed.
  • Lovely Views ID: If you have more than one copy of Lovely Views installed or Quickie is having trouble detecting whether Lovely Views is installed or not, you can enter a Lovely Views app ID to tell Quickie which app/install to use.
  • Bookmarks: Allows agents to create shortcuts (or bookmarks) to tickets in a special bookmarks folder within Quickie.
  • Enable the 'Misc' folder: When checked, any views that are in a folder will be placed in a special 'Misc' folder. If unchecked, views which are uncategorised will appear at the top level.
  • 'Misc' folder name: This allows you to rename the "Misc" folder to something else. If this is blank, then it will default to "Misc".
  • Place 'Misc' folder at bottom of list: When checked, the 'Misc' folder (folderless views) will be shown at the bottom, after all other folders.
  • Enable the 'Personal' folder: When checked, if you have any personal views, they'll appear in the Personal folder, to separate them from other views.
  • 'Personal' folder name: If using the personal folder, this allows you to rename it.
  • Place 'Personal' folder/views at bottom of list: If ticked, the "Personal" folder will be at the bottom of the list folders. If not ticked, then the "Personal" folder is presented at the top of the list of folders.
  • Additional view folder separator: When folderizing views, by default you use two colons ('::') in the name of the view, to indicate folders. If you'd prefer to use something else (like a forward slash), you can specify that here. Note: whatever you enter here will be used in addition to '::'.

If both "Place 'Misc' folder at bottom of list" and "Place 'Personal' folder/views at bottom of list" are ticked, then these folders will be at the bottom with "Misc" appearing above "Personal".


3.1 Configuring views

The configuration of views is the key to how Quickie presents the views. You can access this by clicking on "Admin" (the cog icon).

Then click on the "Views" item in the "Manage" section.


Hover over the view you'd like to edit and when the the circle "..." button appears, click it. On the dropdown menu, click "Edit".


This will take you to the edit screen where you can change the title of the view.


To set up the hierarchy, you just need to set the title in the following format:

Folder :: Sub-Folder :: View name

The double colon :: is the same delimiter used by Zendesk for the drop-down menus. You can have as many levels of sub-folders as you require.


To achieve the hierarchy for "Folder1 / Is solved" you would have the following title.

Folder1 :: Is solved

To achieve the hierarchy for "Folder1 / SubFolder / SubFolder2 / Is new1 and a bit longer for testing" you would have the following title.

Folder1::SubFolder::SubFolder2::Is new1 and a bit longer for testing

Quickie will automatically set the folders and the hierarchies based on the View titles. You do not need to create any intermediate views for each level of the hierarchy.

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