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General Release v3.4.8 (14 Jun 2023)


  • Added missing translation.


v3.4.7 (9 Jun 2023)

What’s New?

  • Shortcut key: press "x" to preview a ticket (along with key "v")


  • Agent collision (AKA "Eyes") overhaul
  • Bulk Merge reloads view upon completion
  • Now reloads the current view on page refresh within 5mins. If the browser was closed longer than 5mins, home view will open instead.


  • Various fixes in Moment
  • Embed ZAFv2 in itself rather than using Zendesk CDN version, to fix memory leak bug


v3.4.5 (2 May 2023)

What’s New?

  • New setting to add Day of the week to all dates (not just recent dates)


  • Further improvements in locale translation/date support


  • For some users, keeps returning to LV even though user has just opened a ticket from LV
  • Refresh rate is constantly set at 3 mins even though it was set to lower in settings


v3.4.4 (24 Apr 2023)

What’s New?

"Don't change group" feature in bulk edit Assignee



Better support translations and dates based on locale

"Created" label changed to "Requested" in Preview

Sidebar view name hotspot increased for easier selecting

Preview comment rendering improvements


v3.4.3 (12 Apr 2023)

What’s New?

  • Option for keeping assigned agents when assigning to a Group in bulk edit


v3.4.2 (7 Apr 2023)


  • Agent collision "eyes" not working properly in view after last update 


v3.4.1 (3 Apr 2023)

What’s New?

  • Don't change group option for Assignee in bulk edit


v3.4 (30 Mar 2023)

What’s New?

  • Rename views directly in view heading
  • Hero emoji in heading


v3.3.10 (10 Mar 2023)


  • Cache
  • Custom statuses


v3.3.8 (2 Mar 2023)

What’s New?

  • Filters on more fields in views


  • Styling improvements


  • Custom Statuses due to another Zendesk API endpoint change 


v3.3.7 (23 Feb 2023)

What’s New?

  • Auto-refresh rate control for view


  • Added Pendo anonymous usage monitor
  • Added more options to Return to LV delay


v3.3.6 (16 Feb 2023)


  • Better description on the subfolder position setting


  • Doubling up content because of macro having Plain Text comment besides the main comment
  • Show my views/all views doesn't show correct views position if it was initially "Show only my views" on start up
  • Some channels do not show correct name on views


v3.3.5 (31 Jan 2023)


  • Reduced API usage on GUI Announcements


v3.3.3 (11 Jan 2023)


  • Styling improvements


v3.3.2 (15 Dec 2022)


  • Custom Statuses due to Zendesk API endpoint change


v3.3.1 (29 Nov 2022)


  • Styling improvements


v3.3 (24 Nov 2022)

What’s New?

  • Filtering functionality for views


v3.2.1 (2 Nov 2022)


  • Return to LV does not work properly when Return to LV workaround is ON 


v3.2 (28 Oct 2022)

What’s New?

  • Support for Zendesk's new Custom Statuses
  • Favorites feature allowing agents to favorite views so they appear in a quick access folder at the top of the list 


v3.1.2 (20 Oct 2022)


  • When downgrading Zendesk plan, Ticket Form still shows when the feature is no longer available


v3.1.1 (21 Sep 2022)

What’s New?

  • Multiple macros can be applied within Bulk Edit
  • Can now custom merge within search results
  • Further performance improvements


v3.1 (9 Aug 2022)

What’s New?


v3.0 (5 Jun 2022)

What’s New?

  • Lovely Views now has an easy access top bar view list, the same as Quickie. So the Quickie app is not needed if you're running Lovely Views, unless you want some of your agents to just run Quickie and not have all the features of Lovely Views.
  • "Lovely View PLUS" renamed to simple "Lovely Views"
  • Some little bug fixes and enhancements


v2.12.3 (1 Mar 2022)


  • Improved load time of Bulk Editor


  • When preview enhanced mode is not enabled there is a display issue with the user avatar
  • When macro action applies assignee without group, need to use default group
  • In Suspended view, standard agents cannot delete or recover


v2.12.1 (8 Feb 2022)

What’s New?

  • Unread/Read ticket indication 
  • Ticket Preview: new toolbar for quick updates of Delete, Spam, Unread/Read, Bookmark


  • Ticket Sidebar supports new resizable width feature
  • Ticket Sidebar: controller available for search view
  • Ticket Sidebar: new app settings to finer granularity of enabled features
  • New icons on bulk mode buttons
  • Deleted view: bulk restore and delete added confirmation
  • "Show only my views" now available to all agents that have permission (not just Admins)


  • Agent collision sometimes showing incorrect agent counter


v2.11 (7 September 2021)

What’s New?

  • Setting to open LV at startup
  • Allow agents to disable auto reload
  • Distinguish between old and new customer to apply corresponding "Default" settings
  • Customize subfolder positions
  • GUI editor allows agents to save settings for themselves


  • "Open X" rare stability issue
  • Home view on saved search issue
  • Ticket opened by LV sometimes does not return to LV upon ticket close
  • "Save as Home view" issue


v2.10 (21 July 2021)

What’s New?

  • CSV download of view names + counts 


  • On app startup, LV is frozen
  • Counts never showing


v2.9 (29 June 2021)

What’s New?

  • Bulk Editor should not show unavailable status
  • Keyboard navigation system extended in top bar
  • My ticket tabs folder added to top bar
  • View description shown for current view
  • Views lock downed  for Guided Mode
  • Saved searches and recent searches added to top bar


  • Top bar caching view tree
  • Sharing of data between preview and main view
  • Faster syncing of bookmarks between ticket and nav bar


  • Eyes: agent list keeps growing even though agent data was removed
  • View list issue when view has empty name for sub parent folder
  • Blank or 0 won't save in extra settings modal
  • Spinner stops spinning too soon on app start up


v2.8 (28 May 2021)

What’s New?

  • Agents can change "Tickets per page" specifically for themselves


  • Improved agent collision/"eyes" efficiencies
  • Email addresses made easier to read in Preview
  • Sorting tickets speed improved


  • America/Santiago incorrect display time
  • "take it" "Reset" positioning 


v2.7.4 (28 April 2021)


  • New settings in preferences now have "New" indicator next to them
  • Setting to disable/enable the ticket preview


  • Saved search folder does not auto expand on app startup
  • "Enable My ticket tabs" setting should be unrelated to Eyes toggle
  • Unwanted position of new My Profile folder (when it is set to bottom and Misc is disabled and at bottom)
  • Personal folder icon should only display for top level
  • Folder not working with Chinese characters


v2.7.3 (20 April 2021)


  • Subfolders having same name causes views display issue


v2.7.2 (16 April 2021)


  • Personal folder sometimes displays incorrectly (inside itself or under Misc)
  • Minor change in merge tag description
  • Preview popup sometimes have overflow content if device screen height is small
  • Optimization preventing unnecessary user API request for Preview popup


v2.7 (8 April 2021)

What’s New?

  • 4 new My Profile views
  • Views list has adopted Zendesk's new underlying method of view ordering


  • Ticket Preview now instant shows
  • Custom Merge enhancements
  • Export to CSV now not showing when not needed
  • "Go to view" option added to some special views


v2.6.4 (17 March 2021) 

What’s New?

  • Cache on Preview popup for faster load
  • Graceful Reload enhancements


v2.6.3 (9 March 2021)

What’s New?

  • Bulk Editor can now mass change Requester if enabled in settings


  • Enhancements to agent traffic graph
  • Some settings reorganised settings in preferences


  • Bulk Editor: when using apply macro with Group/Assignee it does not un-assign tickets as expected
  • Issue when localStorage/sessionStorage is unavailable
  • Avatar doesn't show sometimes in Preview popup 


v2.6.2 (28 January 2021)

What’s New?

  • Extra navigate by keyboard features
  • Darkmode
  • Agent traffic monitor
  • "Select all" feature: edit, delete, mark spam, recover, bookmarks, merge
  • Limit "Open X" to 50. Merge to 500.
  • Graceful refresh
  • Some minor bugfixes: view count not updated in title, user guide links, search does not have proper id to identify in LV for reference, lose sort setting on view reload etc.


  • Summary popup issue of old comments don't refresh
  • Date format issue
  • Follow-up ticket does not always showing comments in Preview


v2.6.0 (21 October 2020)

What’s New?

  • Agent collision “eyes” feature, indicates two or more agents simultaneously viewing the same ticket.
  • Addition of two new views: 
    • “Current ticket activity” view will appear in the LV views list for Admins only. It lists all the tickets that are currently open by all of the agents.
    • “My ticket tabs” view will appear in the LV views list for all agents. It lists all the tickets that the current agent has open, including in other browser windows.
  • “Open X” button appears (next to the bulk edit button) when tickets are selected in a view. Where “X” is the number of tickets selected by the agent. When clicked this will automatically open all the selected tickets.
  • Ctrl/Cmd-Click on tickets in the view to open the tickets but return automatically to the view, effectively opening the tickets in the background.
  • Introduction of a new icon set to identify the state of a ticket in relation to bookmarking tickets and agent collision.
  • View search option on left pane (provides function to search views by keyword)
  • Force return to LV setting option, which will always return the user to Lovely Views upon submit
  • Show user avatars on Assignee and Requester view columns


  • App Settings (aside from standard Zendesk role and group permissions) are now available via a GUI editor within the app itself that includes a backup and restore feature.  To access, click on the Lovely Views app icon on the Left Hand side navigation menu and go to: Menu (3 dots icon) -> About/Preferences...
  • [upgrade] to latest NPM (nodeJS) version and libraries for enhanced security
  • Improvement in return to Lovely Views algorithm to return users to Lovely Views  menu instead of Standard Views following submit action on ticket.
  • Overall UI styling improvements
  • Removed unnecessary loading of Lovely Views on Organisation Sidebar location
  • Multi-select fields are now supported in Bulk Edit mode (due to the required Zendesk API now being made available)
  • Add/remove/set for CC’s/Followers/Tags is now supported in Bulk Edit mode.
  • Implemented 3 minute cache expiry on Ticket Preview Summary to replace never expire cache.
  • Attachments now show in ticket preview pop-up
  • Wrap mode feature (improves column widths)


  • Underlying translation engine updated to handle empty strings
  • Due date group title issue when no due date set resolved
  • Error resolved in time format display
  • Bulk edit modal closed by user, before mass update is done in background


v2.5.6 (28 August 2020)


  • Ticket summary popup will Refresh data after 3 mins


  • Prevent page jump when loading user avatar
  • Disable notification when view auto reloads due to someone else updated a ticket / also space out reload wait time more if multiple tickets are updated in short time frame
  • DE character encoding issue

v2.5.4 (17 August 2020)

  • Keep focus on LV when background tab is closed
  • Ctrl + Click
  • Open X feature

v2.4.11 (27 May 2020)

  • [bugfix] Double line break issue when running macro
  • [bugfix] My views/all views state no longer saved upon next browser open

v2.4.10 (18 May 2020)

  • Improved Problem/Incident linking in Bulk Edit
  • [bugfix] on tag fields not saving value upon focusing out in Bulk Edit

v2.4.9 (6 May 2020)

  • [bugfix] on assignee list that only shows groups without assignees in them


  • Change bookmarks button to icon on ticket sidebar
  • [bugfix] "Next SLA Breach" sorting in main view and in custom order
  • [bugfix] sorting issue on all ticket fields
  • Ticker preview summary: indicate SLA paused stage
  • New setting to enable Play features (i.e. either ZD Play, LV Play, or both)
  • New settings to hide LV in ticket sidebar when not in LV Play mode
  • [bugfix] "Go to Play" showing for Bookmarks view
  • Minor change in layout and icon for LV Ticket Sidebar
  • Add Form and Brand to ticket preview
  • [bugfix] Bulk Editor: on ticket field option does not show when there is same group name
  • [bugfix] Bulk Editor: for bulk editor does not load when there there are too many agents
  • Improve app security by tightenning/removing all uneccessary data stored on browser by the app
  • Enable custom groupby/order for personal views
  • Improvement in 2nd sort by function (of custom order)
  • Add Sort priority indicator
  • Saved searches are not stored in user field so that they do not get deleted if user changes browser
  • [bugfix] "Play" button available on home screen on app startup
  • [bugfix] app does not wait for user data before processing which may show blank assignee field sometimes
  • Add tooltip to folder count 



  • [improvement] Adjustments to 'return to Lovely Views' feature.
  • [bugfix] Fixed translation error that sometimes prevented the ticket summary popup from working.
  • [bugfix] All links on the ticket summary popup are now valid links. You can now right click then to open it a new tab/window.
  • [bugfix] Fixed issue where the title in the right pane for personal views, also included the 'Misc' folder name.
  • [bugfix] Various style fixes and improvements to the ticket summary popup and 'save search' dialog.


  • [new] Added new dropdown, so admins can switch between their views (based on view group restrictions) or all views.
  • [improvement] The ticket summary popup now stays visible as long as the mouse is hovering over a ticket subject.
  • [improvement] You can now search the assignee field on the bulk edit modal.
  • [improvement] Bulk edit dialog now is uses more of the available screen real estate on larger monitors.
  • [improvement] Improved error messages when a problem occurs while using the bulk edit dialog.
  • [improvement] Style updates on ticket listing. Set min and max widths for ticket subject column, and columns with long text now wrap to multiple lines, rather than forcing the table wider. 
  • [bugfix] Fixed invalid urls on ticket subjects. You can now right click on a ticket to open it a new tab/window.
  • [bugfix] Fix for issue where HTML was being displayed unescaped when in a custom ticket field that was displayed as a column in a view.
  • [bugfix] Fix for issue where Lovely Views wasn't always properly detecting when the agent should be returned to the app, after closing all tickets.
  • [bugfix] Fixes for a few missing translations and translation errors on the ticket summary popup.
  • [bugfix] Fixed missing translation error on app settings screen.
  • [bugfix] On the standard merge modal, when you select a ticket from a search, the search box is now hidden.
  • [bugfix] Fix for issue where the app icon in the nav bar wasn't being displayed properly when Zendesk is set to use a light accent color.
  • [bugfix] Fix for ticket id being truncated on 'enhanced' ticket summary.


  • [improvement] Dropdown menus on views now respect actual agent permissions.
  • [improvement] Makes improvements to how clicks and double-clicks are detected in the views panel.
  • [improvement] Updated User Guide (added bulk edit, updated screenshots, etc).
  • [bugfix] Fix for bulk edit comment not always being public/private when it should.
  • [bugfix] Fix for issue where the "return to LV" feature was stacking event handlers.
  • [bugfix] Correct permissions now applied to "suspended" view
  • [bugfix] Removed "Edit Group by/Sort by" option from personal views.
  • [bugfix] Fix for an issue where if a view is clicked on too soon after LV is initialized, it would cause an error.
  • [bugfix] Fix for SLA "reply" label sometimes missing from popups.
  • [bugfix] Fix for ticket type and checkboxes not being updated with bulk edit.
  • [bugfix] Fix for clicking radio buttons on the "standard merge" modal not reseting the form.
  • [bugfix] Fixes for problems where when views were set to group by certain date-based fields or custom checkbox fields, grouping didn't display properly.
  • [bugfix] Fix for issue where when you ctrl-clicked on a group in the left panel, child folders weren't restored after a page reload.
  • [bugfix] Fixed incorrect tooltip for menu button.


  • [internal] Moved custom ticket merge processing to background location.
  • [internal] Moved hard-coded text to translations file.


  • [improvement] Bulk edit dialog now allows you to run macros on the selected tickets.
  • [improvement] Added individual reset links for most inputs on the bulk edit dialog.
  • [improvement] Bulk edit updates are now performed in the background. You can now safely close the dialog before the updates are complete.
  • [internal] Fix to prevent JS error when localStorage is blocked or unavailable.
  • [bugfix] Fix for issue where Lovely Views wouldn't open views from other apps if there are no views open
  • [bugfix] Fix for 'JSON circular reference' error.


  • [improvement] Improvements to the "return to Lovely Views" feature.


  • [improvement] Larger bulk edit dialog.
  • [improvement] Added "Go to Play" button for views.
  • [improvement] Updated translations.
  • [bugfix] Fix for search box where it would get pushed down on smaller screens.
  • [bugfix] Menus now disappear when the control that triggered them loses focus.
  • [bugfix] Fix for issue that caused the ticket summary popup to stay visible after it shouldn't be.
  • [bugfix] Brackets around the requesters email on the ticket summary popup now display properly.
  • [internal] Misc styling improvements.


  • [internal] Style improvement for paging links.
  • [internal] "Per page" setting now has a lower and higher limit (5-200).
  • [internal] Adjustments to ticket field caching.


  • [improvement] Default comment visibility on bulk edit is now determined by the 'Agent comments via web are public by default' option in the Zendesk ticket settings.
  • [improvement] Added a new setting to force bulk edit comments to be internal by default.


  • [improvement] Much better support for Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.
  • [bugfix] Fixes for sorting and grouping problems with non-English users.
  • [bugfix] Fixes for bulk edit feature (ticket type and custom fields not being updated).
  • [bugfix] Restored SLA coloring and other styling issues.


  • [improvement] Restored 'bulk edit' feature.
  • [improvement] Now remembers the 10 most recent searches (instead of just 5).
  • [bugfix] Fixes for agents not being returned to Lovely Views after closing last ZD tab.
  • [bugfix] Delete button on bulk action toolbar now visible based on actual agent permissions.
  • [bugfix] Standard merge 'search for ticket' now debounced properly.
  • [bugfix] Fix for links to groups opening a blank browser tab.


  • [improvement] New setting to only allow ticket merging when all the requesters are the same.
  • [improvement] Fixes and improvements to suspended ticket recovery.
  • [bugfix] Fixed broken 'standard merge' button menu.


  • [bugfix] Added more thorough escaping of user generated content.


  • [improvement] Admins now see all shared views, regardless of group restriction.
  • [bugfix] Views with group restrictions are now displayed.
  • [bugfix] Fixes for ZD changing the routeTo API.


  • [improvement] Only reloads current view when returning to LV if a visible ticket has been updated or it's been 12 minutes.


  • [improvement] Moved the dropdown menu to the right side of the screen.
  • [bugfix] If sorting a view or search results by clicking on a column title, the 'reset view order' link now is displayed.
  • [bugfix] Various style updates and fixes


  • [bugfix] Last update broke the 'return to Lovely View' feature


  • [new] Quickie integration. When Quickie version 2.1.0 or higher is installed, you can load views directly in Lovely Views.
  • [internal] Updated the hierarchical views component
  • [bugfix] Long view titles no longer overlap view counts


  • [internal] Updated the hierarchical views component


  • [improvement] 'fancy' ticket summaries are now enabled by default
  • [improvement] Settings are now refreshed when you click the refresh button at the top of the left panel
  • [improvement] Updated user guide


  • [improvement] Does a better job with the 'Light Agent' role
  • [improvement] Improvements to the text and UI on the ticket merge modals
  • [bugfix] Fixes to 'custom' ticket merging, including respecting the 'import nothing' option


  • [new] Added ticket merging feature
  • [new] Added confirmation modals when deleting recent searches


  • [bugfix] Fixed telemetry
  • [bugfix] Various fixes and improvements to the ticket listing (right pane)


  • [bugfix] Special deleted and suspended ticket views are now working
  • [bugfix] Various fixes and improvements to the view listing (left pane)
  • [bugfix] Various fixes and improvements to the ticket summary popup (comments, positioning, links)


  • [new] Now returns to Lovely Views after closing a ticket opened by Lovely Views
  • [bugfix] Fix for incorrect sort by 'Requester updated' column, as well as other grouping and sorting issues


  • Renamed from "Lovely Views" to "Lovely Views PLUS" (will be renamed back to "Lovely Views" when it reaches v3.0)
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