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What’s the difference between disabling an app vs. uninstalling an app?

If you disable an app, the billing subscription will be paused so you won't be charged for it.  You will also retain any settings configured.  The app can be disabled indefinitely until such time you decide to re-enable.  

If you fully uninstall, it cancels the subscription completely and you are not charged.  If you decide down the track you wish to use the app again, you will need to start fresh and purchase it from the Zendesk marketplace.

To disable an app

Is it possible that you may need to use the app in the future? If so, we recommend disabling the app rather than completely cancelling the subscription by uninstalling the app.

If however, you are certain that you want to completely cancel the subscription you can do so by following the steps below.

To uninstall an app

To cancel the app subscription you simply need to uninstall the app from your Zendesk instance as per the instructions below.

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