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Quickie has a bunch of new features: Favorites, home view, dark-mode and more...

Favorites folders

Individual agents can now select their favorite views so the selected view will then appear in a Favorites folder at the top of the views list. This gives the agents extra easy access to the views that they regularly use.




My ticket tabs

There's a My ticket tabs folder that keeps a list of the ticket tabs you currently have open.




My user profile

There's now also a My user profile folder that contains the same ticket views that appear in the user's profile. Except now you have those views in Lovely Views where you can apply all the extra features on the tickets.




Home view

You can select a single view to be your Home view. A home view icon will appear at the top of Quickie that you can click at anytime to quickly open your designated home view. 




Dark modes

There are 2 dark modes to choose from. A darker and lighter one to suit your needs. This works well with the Zendesk Dark Mode browser extension.




Name change

Quickie has dropped the PLUS and is now simply called "Quickie", not "Quickie PLUS".



Advanced search coming!

Quickie will contain an advanced search feature named "Seek", for finding tickets and saving the searches.

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