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Field Marshal 3 Release Notes

Change Log

The app has had the following changes:


  • Fix on conditions involving Ticket Requester and Assignee/Group not working as expected

3.0.10 - Major update

  • Fix several bugs when ticket is solved with required fields not filled
  • Speed improvement


  • [bugfix] [zdapp] fix some conditions involving Zendesk system fields (priority, tags, ticket form...) that may not work properly.


  • [bugfix] [zdapp] fix showOption/hideOption not working with "Brand" condition.


  • [bugfix] [zdapp] when fields stop working if there is showOptions config on non existing form
  • [bugfix] [zdapp] the app was installed with {} by default for extra config fields, instead of null and the app stopped working


  • [new] [zdapp] a new version to use Zendesk App Framework v2
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