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Field Marshal 2 Release Notes

Change Log

The app has had the following changes:


  • [bugfix] [zdapp] FM not running on second new ticket page


  • [bugfix] [latapp] preventEnterSubmit will focus on next field


  • [bugfix] [latapp] ticketForm will now always return the current form, not the form i’m potentially going to.
  • [feature] [latapp] preventEnterSubmit plugin added to will prevent the submission of the form when enter is hit.


  • [bugfix] [latapp] label of attachments can now be set.


  • [bugfix] [latapp] prePopulate only set a new value if it doesn’t have a value yet.

Added new tests


  • Removed old feedback widget app (replaced by latapp).
  • Removed old help center app (replaced by latapp).
  • Added latapp.
  • Introduced testapp.


  • Mostly bug fixed for help center, not much has changed since 2.3.1 in zdapp until 2.3.15.
  • Removed ‘hideUntilReady plugin’. This is done ages ago, but it still existed. Just code sitting there.
  • ZD: All of the plugins/filters now use the abstract driver functions.
  • All plugins that accept fields now accept system fields.
  • When conditions now accept system fields.
  • Added prepopulatefromuser and prepopulatefromfield, clobberfromuser and clobberfromfield - these will likely be temporary until user context is included


  • Tests added for checking if FM works correctly.
  • A new filter allows to look for a ticket tag. If it exist, the filter will return true.
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