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Migrating from Lovely Views (V1) to Lovely Views PLUS (V2)

Attention all existing Lovely Views (V1) App Customers.

Thanks for being a loyal and valued customer of our L&L apps for Zendesk.

You may have recently been notified by Zendesk that they will be sunsetting their V1 Apps Framework in March 2018.

More about this Zendesk announcement here:

What does this mean for you?

Any private app (including Lovely Views) on the V1 App Framework (we'll refer to these as the "Classic" apps) will continue to work on your Zendesk instance as normal up to and after March 1, 2018, but they will also be sunsetted from this date as Zendesk will not allow further updates to the Classic Apps. 

We have migrated all of our commercially available apps to the V2 framework. We're now in the process of final testing, so that they will be ready in March 2018, when Zendesk ends support for V1.  

The V2 version of the Lovely Views App is called "Lovely Views PLUS" and has been released, and is now available for purchase from the ZD Marketplace.


lovely-views-plus-ui.pngThe Lovely Views PLUS interface

Lovely Views PLUS also includes new features not available in the Classic app, such as:

  • Enhanced ticket previews, that include all comments and additional information about tickets.
  • See recent searches performed within Lovely Views and optionally save them for later use.
  • Improved ticket merging interface that gives you more control over how tickets are combined.
  • Improved integration with recent versions our Quickie app.

The pricing of Lovely Views PLUS is $1.95 per agent. Zendesk now has the ability to restrict app permissions by Group and/or Role, so that you only have to pay for the agents that need to use the app.

What is the process to migrate from V1 to V2?

This applies to existing pay-per-month app subscribers only.  Customers on non pay-per- month plans will be contacted directly to discuss migration and pricing.

  1. With the (V1 Classic) version of the Lovely Views app still running, purchase the Lovely Views PLUS Version from the Zendesk Marketplace.
  2. Install the app and configure it for access to be restricted to a certain group of agents or role.  For information on how to do this, click here
  3. Configure the settings of the Lovely Views PLUS app. The app settings for Lovely Views PLUS are nearly identical to Lovely Views Classic, so you can copy them over as-is.
  4. Lovely Views PLUS has a 14 day FREE trial automatically built into it, so you can make sure your nominated administrator or agents can review the app thoroughly to make sure it meets your needs.
  5. When you're ready to completely switch over to Lovely Views PLUS app, simply disable and uninstall the Classic version. This will end the subscription and automatically stop payments for it.
  6. You will automatically be billed for Lovely Views PLUS once the 14 day FREE trial period elapses.

Key differences between Lovely Views Classic and Lovely Views PLUS

(Please see the Lovely Views PLUS User Guide for more details.)

  • Refreshed user interface - The Lovely Views PLUS interface has been updated to better coordinate with recent design updates to Zendesk. Agents currently using Classic should have no trouble adjusting.
  • Enhanced ticket previews - Lovely Views PLUS now gives you the option for much more detailed ticket previews compared to Lovely Views Classic and the regular Zendesk views interface. All comments are visible, as well as additional ticket information like tags, assignee and more. Enhanced ticket previews are enabled by default, but you can disable them in the app settings.
  • Bulk edit - No macro support. All bulk edit features are supported except for the ability to apply macro during the bulk edit. However, the agent can simply go to standard Zendesk views, if they ever need to run a macro in bulk edit. We will add this feature as soon as it is possible via the Zendesk API.
  • Recent and saved searches - Recent searches performed within Lovely Views are now displayed in a dedicated folder in the left panel. This makes it easy to return to recent searches. Searches can also be named and saved for later use.
  • Ticket merging - The ticket merging interface has been improved to make it easier to understand the actions you're taking, as well as giving you more control over the process. All the old ticket merge settings are still included, as well as a new one that lets you optionally restrict agents to only merging tickets when the requester for all is the same.


Enhanced ticket preview 

merge-tickets-modal-step1.pngMerge tickets dialog

Updated left panel, with recent searches visible


For more information regarding this app, please see the Lovely Views PLUS User Guide.


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