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Compare Zendesk’s Built-in Views with Lovely Views PLUS and PRO

Below you'll find the main differences between Zendesks' built-in views interface, Lovely Views PLUS and Lovely Views PRO.

  Built-in Views Lovely Views PLUS Lovely Views PRO
Maximum number of views visible at once 12 No limit No limit
Organize views into groups and sub-groups No Yes Yes
Integrated search No Yes Yes
Number of recent searches displayed N/A 5 50
Save searches for later use No Yes Yes
Bulk edit tickets Yes No Yes
Merge tickets Yes No Yes
Advanced merge tickets No  No Yes
Maximum number of tickets per page 15 or 30  No limit* No limit*
Sort tickets in a view using up to 3 columns No No Yes 
Customize how and where 'Personal' and ungrouped views are displayed N/A Yes Yes
Enhanced ticket previews, that include all comments and additional information about tickets. No Yes Yes


* For performance reasons, we recommend not setting 'tickets per page' higher than 100.

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