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Tickler PLUS Release Notes

Change Log

The app has had the following changes:

v3.0.4 Marketplace Submission

  • [improvement] Can now save up to 5 times more shared list data.
  • [bugfix] Fixed problem where if a newly added saved lists was based on an existing one, Tickler couldn't tell them apart.


  • [improvement] App and tasks are resized immediately when new lines are added to a task.
  • [improvement] Better handling of when the user field isn't available.
  • [improvement] Update to the user guide, including new screenshots and details about new features.
  • [bugfix] Fix for 'string/trim' Javascript error when adding list as ticket comment.
  • [bugfix] Fix for issue where updating the status for a task on a read-only list caused the item's HTML to be rendered correctly.

v3.0.2 Marketplace Submission

  • [bugfix] Fix 'trim' JS error when the user field isn't found.
  • [bugfix] Fix for 'ticket.status' error when saving a ticket.
  • [bugfix] Fix for issue where part of the UI would be hidden if Tickler couldn't find the user field.
  • [bugfix] Fix for 'App cannot be installed because of manifest error' issue.
  • [internal] Updated Marketplace screenshots.


  • [bugfix] Fix for when Zendesk doesn't have ticket forms.
  • [bugfix] Adding the first item to existing list did not make the list re-render with new item added.
  • [bugfix] Vertical align the checkbox in popup modal to work across different browser
  • [bugfix] Fix on form change not checking for LL Data field correctly dues to Promise() race condition


  • [improvement] Tickler can now save list progress to secondary ticket field, in human readable format.
  • [improvement] App is now fully compatible with the new Zendesk App Framework (2.0)


  • [improvement] Tickler list can now be printed out or added to ticket comments.


  • [improvement] Removed third-party library to better comply with App Marketplace requirements
  • [bugfix] Minor bug-fixes and tidying


  • [improvement] Slight improvements to how items are displayed
  • [internal] Updated helper library


  • [improvement] The 'saved lists' drop-down now does a better job keeping up-to-date when other users are adding/editing/deleting shared to-do lists.


  • [improvement] When saving lists, you'll now be warned if the list was modified by another user.


  • [improvement] Improvements to how the app checks for updated shared to-do lists


  • [bugfix] Minor bug fixes.


  • [improvement] Improved error message for missing data field
  • [bugfix] Fixed issue where Tickler PLUS wouldn't disable itself if you switched to a ticket forms without the data field.


  • [internal] Updated support library


  • [improvement] Saved lists are now sorted alphabetically instead of by the order they were added.


  • [bugfix] Bug fixes


  • [bugfix] Fixed an issue where the app loads before the settings are ready and other bug fixes


  • [improvement] The drop-down of pre-built lists is updated in a more timely manner


  • [improvement] Updated some of the text used in the modal screens


  • Initial release
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