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Lovely Views PLUS Release Notes

Change Log

The app has had the following changes:

v2.2.4 Marketplace Submission

  • [improvement] Larger bulk edit dialog.
  • [improvement] Added "Go to Play" button for views.
  • [improvement] Updated translations.
  • [bugfix] Fix for search box where it would get pushed down on smaller screens.
  • [bugfix] Menus now disappear when the control that triggered them loses focus.
  • [bugfix] Fix for issue that caused the ticket summary popup to stay visible after it shouldn't be.
  • [bugfix] Brackets around the requesters email on the ticket summary popup now display properly.
  • [internal] Misc styling improvements.


  • [internal] Style improvement for paging links.
  • [internal] "Per page" setting now has a lower and higher limit (5-200).
  • [internal] Adjustments to ticket field caching.


  • [improvement] Default comment visibility on bulk edit is now determined by the 'Agent comments via web are public by default' option in the Zendesk ticket settings.
  • [improvement] Added a new setting to force bulk edit comments to be internal by default.

v2.2.1 Marketplace Submission

  • [improvement] Much better support for Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.
  • [bugfix] Fixes for sorting and grouping problems with non-English users.
  • [bugfix] Fixes for bulk edit feature (ticket type and custom fields not being updated).
  • [bugfix] Restored SLA coloring and other styling issues.

v2.2.0 Marketplace Submission

  • [improvement] Restored 'bulk edit' feature.
  • [improvement] Now remembers the 10 most recent searches (instead of just 5).
  • [bugfix] Fixes for agents not being returned to Lovely Views after closing last ZD tab.
  • [bugfix] Delete button on bulk action toolbar now visible based on actual agent permissions.
  • [bugfix] Standard merge 'search for ticket' now debounced properly.
  • [bugfix] Fix for links to groups opening a blank browser tab.


  • [improvement] New setting to only allow ticket merging when all the requesters are the same.
  • [improvement] Fixes and improvements to suspended ticket recovery.
  • [bugfix] Fixed broken 'standard merge' button menu.

v2.1.5 Marketplace Submission

  • [bugfix] Added more thorough escaping of user generated content.

v2.1.4 Marketplace Submission

  • [improvement] Admins now see all shared views, regardless of group restriction.
  • [bugfix] Views with group restrictions are now displayed.
  • [bugfix] Fixes for ZD changing the routeTo API.


  • [improvement] Only reloads current view when returning to LV if a visible ticket has been updated or it's been 12 minutes.


  • [improvement] Moved the dropdown menu to the right side of the screen.
  • [bugfix] If sorting a view or search results by clicking on a column title, the 'reset view order' link now is displayed.
  • [bugfix] Various style updates and fixes


  • [bugfix] Last update broke the 'return to Lovely View' feature


  • [new] Quickie integration. When Quickie version 2.1.0 or higher is installed, you can load views directly in Lovely Views.
  • [internal] Updated the hierarchical views component
  • [bugfix] Long view titles no longer overlap view counts


  • [internal] Updated the hierarchical views component


  • [improvement] 'fancy' ticket summaries are now enabled by default
  • [improvement] Settings are now refreshed when you click the refresh button at the top of the left panel
  • [improvement] Updated user guide


  • [improvement] Does a better job with the 'Light Agent' role
  • [improvement] Improvements to the text and UI on the ticket merge modals
  • [bugfix] Fixes to 'custom' ticket merging, including respecting the 'import nothing' option


  • [new] Added ticket merging feature
  • [new] Added confirmation modals when deleting recent searches


  • [bugfix] Fixed telemetry
  • [bugfix] Various fixes and improvements to the ticket listing (right pane)


  • [bugfix] Special deleted and suspended ticket views are now working
  • [bugfix] Various fixes and improvements to the view listing (left pane)
  • [bugfix] Various fixes and improvements to the ticket summary popup (comments, positioning, links)


  • [new] Now returns to Lovely Views after closing a ticket opened by Lovely Views
  • [bugfix] Fix for incorrect sort by 'Requester updated' column, as well as other grouping and sorting issues


  • [new] Initial release of Lovely Views PLUS
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