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  • [new] A freshly new version to work with new Zendesk App Framework (2.0)
  • [new] can now use Zendesk ticket form as the survey, no need to define questions in the config anymore
  • [new] is now compatible with Field Marshal app to show/hide questions conditionally


  • [fix] several fix for styling and bugs
  • [new] allow to customise URL to set pre-define survey answers


  • [improved] show NPS score instantly when viewing ticket if the user happens to rate at the same time
  • [new] Show total feedback sent/received on user profile


  • [new] Allow agent to unsubscribe / resubscribe the user
  • [new] Implement survey token for extra security
  • [new] Implement random distribution


  • [fix] Bugfix unsubscribe link
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